_x003C_none_x003E_ | Flat File Connections


The following string “_x003C_none_x003E_” may be included in the output file.  If you are receiving this error or other strange flat file results when outputting xml results; it may be due to the values you have set in the flat file connection properties.




1. Right Click on the connection manager icon and inspect the properties of the “Flat File Connection Manager”

The properties you need to review are:
1. HeaderRowDelimiter
2. Text Qualifier

Change your settings to match the ones below by selecting
1. {CR} for the header row delimiter
2. Clear the contents of the Text Qualifier


You should not have values like these images show:



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Thanks, really weird issue. Can you please tell me if you encounter this on Flat File to OLE DB?



Two simple Steps

1-> create a variable “Test_qualifier” with empty string.
2->Go to Flat file connection Manager ;right click and select Properties; click on expressions and assign the above Variable to Text Qualifier Property.

It worked like a charm for me.

Mike Schafer


Had this issue getting a _x0022_ instead of a double quote character as a text qualifier in my output .csv file. Went into bids and changed the value in the properties dialog Text Qualifier field from the hex value to “. Re-committed to version control and deployed to production. Worked like a charm. Thanks for putting this post out there it really helped me!


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