Converting RDL and RDLC Files

Batch Rename reports to work in VS2012

Once I upgraded to Visual Studio 2012- I imported my reports and noticed the xml code behind showing.  I began to look for a convert tool or some other way of getting my IDE to show the report designer view and toolbox.  The fix is actually easier than I expected.


1. Import your .RDL files into your solution.
2. Rename to .RDLC

The report designer should come up just fine.  If you have older reports (prior to 2005) you will  have to upgrade them to 2005 and then perform the above steps.

If you have many reports, you may want to batch rename a directory of reports.  I will post the script I will use to do this as soon as I have time.


Powershell Script to Batch Rename the files

Here is the command:
get-childitem -Path *.rdl | rename-item -NewName {$ -replace “.rdl”,”.rdlc”}


You could simply use REN from the command line; but Powershell  can be easily extended.

Please visit this link for further details on this from Microsoft.

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